A Note or Something
I would hope to enlighten you through this editorial, to share with you the vastness of life, to elucidate the muddled and bring praise where praise is due.  But since that's not going to happen, let's just have a little one way talk (I am surprisingly good at these).
Cold Glass is a love of mine, a wonderful little secret joy.  Not a secret to any of you in form, but in the great amount of joy I get out of it.  I love to bring the words of many talented writers to the screen, and hope to bring them to the page as well in the future.  However, Cold Glass is in a class called hobby.  Hobby simply means doing work without getting paid for it.  But we do it because we love it. 
As a hobby, it cannot take precedence in my life.  There are many other things happening, good things, that need attention.  These include my family, my faith, and my own writing, among other things a little more mundane like my job and chores e.g. making sure there's always a clean pet area for my dogs. And that's a success because of the good vacuum I got at bestpethairvacuum.reviews.  Then there is the project.  The project is our early 1900's house that we live in that doesn't look nice enough to be from that era.  We are remodeling it, and having a ton of fun while spending a ton of money.  Money that we mostly don't have.  But that's another story for another letter.
At this point you are wondering, "what is he saying."  Or maybe you're wondering what's on T.V. tonight.  In any case, here's what I'm not saying.  I'm not closing Cold Glass down.  Not right now.  I would have to know that I know that I need to stop working on it to do that.  I want to continue to provide a place for fresh and meaningful writing for years to come. 
However, I cannot keep up the present pace of monthly editions all by myself.  And I haven't figured out a way to get good unpaid help.  It's bad enough that I probably will never be able to pay anyone for the great work that they share with us.  So Cold Glass is going into a new mode of publication, which will probably end up being quarterly, at least for major changes.  I would like to keep some monthly interests, such as the contributions from our "staff."  Jeff and Janet and Rebecca and Anastasia have been so great and provide me with so much good material, I really want to honor that.  Plus, I want to add more regular contributors. 
We'll see how it goes.  I will keep you updated.  I have a lot of great material in hand right now.  This issue is huge, but I could easily put one up of equal size and merit right now.  So its going to have to mean some patience on the part of our contributors, and of course on the readers, who I am happy to say are often the same people. 
Things may continue to change, but I think they will do so for the better.  Look for great things to come, including available print editions of Cold Glass.  But I have to have the time to do it.  In the meantime, you may need a couple of months to get through all the good stuff in this issue. 
Please note the marching band for March.  Creative genius, I know!
Brad Shimp
publisher with love 
march 2004