Cold Glass Reading List: Do's, Don'ts, and Maybe's.
Compiled by Editor Brad Shimp


Moby Dick by Herman Melville  

I got it for Christmas because I asked for it.  I also asked for a Bose Wave Radio CD with free pedestal, but I didn't get that.  So far, the book is pretty good.  They haven't gone out to sea yet, and I expect it will really pick up when they do.  Like any good classic, there is a whole lot of description involved.  Melville paints a unique picture by focusing on things out-of-the-ordinary.  I'll keep you posted.
--Brad Shimp

Jeff Stimpson (whose opinion I truly value) recommends:

C.S. Forester's Hornblower series: A lot of people have run these down as teenage books, but
Churchill used to read them to relax, and he was pretty smart, at least once he got over Gallipoli. For
my money the much-heralded Sherlock Holmes books are much more childish. Forester wrote clearly
and had a much more firm grip on his plots than O'Brian. Don't dismiss Hornblower as mere sea trash.

Classics I finally read and recommend: "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" for the final scene alone;
and "Madame Bovary," because we all need a carriage ride like that every now and then.

Most of EB White, including "Charlotte's Web" and "Stuart Little." Memorize "Elements of Style."

The short story "At Night" by Andre Debus. And tell me: who dies in this?

What have you liked, disliked, or think you might like?
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