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Cold Commentary
Reading List

The Question of Ahead - by Janet I. Buck (Excerpt)

The Phoenix is a drunken bird

it's up to our fitful souls to slap it awake

Lift the plume

Through praline clouds

Bound by gritty sand

What April Means to Others - by Thomas O'Connell (Excerpt)

The type of days when You and I came into The world

Certain dates

I do not need a calendar to remember

Hi, I'm Brad and I started this site. I'm into poetry, Shakespeare (of course), and other types of writing.

I'm also a pet lover so I like checking out sites that focus on comparing vacuum brands

that are meant for keeping your pet's fur out of sight, just like this one so if you have pets like me and you'd like a clean pet area, check the site out.

I do hope you enjoy the poems and writings here! Feel free to send yours if you wish to be featured on Cold Glass Mag.